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Welcome to the MOMS Racing Home of the longest running heads up Pro-Tree Mustang on Mustang racing in the country.
MOMS kicked off the 2016 season with a great turnout of 53 racers. It is always great to see such a positive response to our program.  Our founder, Dr. Jamie Meyer, made a surprise appearance and was impressed with what he saw in how much faster the cars are as compared to 20+ years ago. Especially the street cars.  We didn't disappoint in our showing. We had 46 out of 53 cars that were under 14 seconds. That's pretty impressive. The track prep wasn't the best but we didn't let it slow us down. Doug Vanstrom was blistering the track running in the 7's all evening with a best of 7.51@186mph. It was an impressive run and you could tell he had more in it. Some of us thought that it might be the record for MOMS but after much investigation, we found that our current record holder is Dave Laurer set back in May of 2010 with a pass of 7.44@188mph.  Look out Dave, I think we have someone gunning for you! We had a few missed shifts and a couple cars broke which often happens at our first race. Hopefully nothing too bad as we have another go round in just 2 weeks! We are having some new racers joining us this season and I am hearing reports that they are having a blast running with MOMS.  How can they not with this great bunch of people?!  I know Dennis Capriotti brought in 3 new racers for the first race of the season and the Corning Crew is pushing to get more people involved.  Jeff Housman has also been active in trying to get more racers too and we appreciate everyone's efforts in doing so.  We are always open to having more join us as this is what keeps MOMS going. With that all being said about bringing in new racers…let me throw out a few reminders for the new and the old.  Referring to IHRA rules, we know that any driver of a car going faster than 14 seconds needs a helmet but also ALL drivers of convertibles need to have a helmet, no matter how fast or slow. The Next item.  After the final round of qualifying, it is your responsibility to stop at the base of the tower to notify Mel with a simple Yes or No on whether or not you are running in the final. This rule was put in place to minimize bi-runs in the final.  Don't make us chase through the pits to try and find you.  If you do not report with a YES or NO, you are considered to be broke and will not be included in the final pairing!!  The quicker everyone reports, the quicker the final pairings can be done and we can get our final in! Next item involves the return road. PLEASE pay attention to the stop signs. They are there for a reason. There are a lot of pedestrians wandering around and many are not paying attention while using cell phones, talking, etc. I’ve seen people blow right through the stop signs, both MOMS and non MOMS racers. The next item I want to address is alcohol. There is no drinking if you plan on racing that night!  It is a track rule and a MOMS Racing rule. It will not be tolerated!  If you are caught drinking between rounds of racing, don't even think about coming back on the track. You will be removed from the competition for the night. This is not only a serious violation but also lacking in common sense for the safety of yourself, other racers and the staff.  We know some people try to hide beers in Koozies and such. We're watching and everyone has now been warned. One last item I would like to address is lining up for the finals. When we start lining up cars for the finals please be listening for your name and or car #.  It holds up the whole program at the end of the evening when we can't get everyone in line. Once you start hearing us calling out names. Be ready, it won't be long before we call you! We don't have too many rules for our program. Let's not abuse the few that we do have.