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   “Hot August Nights” That is how I describe MOMS Racing’s latest event. First off I want to say Jerry and the gang at Empire Dragway are doing a great job with track prepping and it shows. Poor Dave Markle was walking right out of his shoes on the starting line. It was a night of first’s. We had 69 cars come out for our August race. One of our better  turnouts. We had Mark Town bring his car out for the first time this season with a new motor setup. We had Chris Mackenzie with his car out for the first time since a rebuild after his accident at the end of last season along with some other first time racers and older MOMS racers coming back out. The temperatures and air were great for making power and it showed as our top qualifier was a 7.89 @ 165mph. Yes folks we are in the 7’s. Way to go Moe. The top 22 cars were under 11 seconds and the top 16 were under 10 seconds (we are usually around the top 10 at that number). We had 6 holeshot winners. Kal Brant was killer on the tree cutting a .402 light to take a holeshot win. It was fun to watch the action as many of the matchups were decided by a tenth of a second or less. Our final race of the night pitting our 2 fastest qualifiers did not disappoint as the crowd gathered around to see this matchup. Moe Alphaqih vs Chris Mackenzie. Both cars held nothing back as they left the line. All the ponies were lit up as they went through the lights at a 7.97 to a 7.98 finish with Moe taking the victory. That was another MOMS record having both cars in the 7’s in the finals. My hats off to both of you guys. I have to take a moment as this night was a special and difficult night for Moe and his family. Moe’s dad had never been to a race to see Moe run. They finally had it planned that he would be here with Moe for this race. Unfortunately Moe’s dad passed away 1 week prior to this race. It was with a very heavy heart that Moe came to the track. This race was in memory of his dad and I told him that his dad would be right there with him as he raced. Moe, you made him proud.