Poll: Allow all years of Mustangs?
I don't care
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Future MOMS ideas: Mustangs older than 1979?
Would you like to see all years of Mustangs allowed in MOMs?  Why or Why not?

My opinion is we already have more than 1/2 of the mustang generations in the program, lets let in the classics! What do other people think?
D2049 | 1995 Mustang GT 410W | T56 Magnum | Spray
2017 F-150 STX
Salesman @ Towne Ford
Absolutely let them in!
John Pfuntner- The SlowMod
2016 DOT class champion
1.28 60'
I might even Bring the Ole Boss Out !

S1099 Jeff Houseman
The problem with opening it up to early generations would require a major adjustment to the rules due to the available engines which could be run which don't fit into our existing structure. I also don't know with the older generation cars becoming more rare and valuable, if it would be like the last years of our invite races when we couldn't get many to actually race their Grand Nationals or Lightnings because of their rarity and increasing value. I don't think this is a yes/no/I don't care kind of issue. There are many factors to consider, and if making major changes to the MOMS rules is worth the payoff for how many might be potentially added, and if it's existing MOMS people, then its not a gain, just a lateral shift.
I, as well as others, have been talking about opening it up to all Ford engines, even big blocks, so what ever engines were in the early years will become irrelevant if we do that. We already have:
4.6 2 valves,
4.6 3 valves,
4.6 4 valves,
5.0 coyotes.

What does it matter if we add older cars with big blocks, 289s, and 351 clevelands. We already have more than 1/2 the mustang v8s in anyways,
D2049 | 1995 Mustang GT 410W | T56 Magnum | Spray
2017 F-150 STX
Salesman @ Towne Ford
It would force open the big blocks issue, which has always been a point of contention. There would have to be a way to address that issue without upsetting the whole class structure, or adding an extra burden on teching the cars. We are already wrestling with how to address the Coyotes and keeping things fair for competition.
Maybe the whole class structure needs to be reevaluated.
D2049 | 1995 Mustang GT 410W | T56 Magnum | Spray
2017 F-150 STX
Salesman @ Towne Ford
It needs to be looked at. The whole reason we can't move forward or bring more cars in is because of big blocks.
Doug Vanstrom / P4046
SBF 114mm Turbo
4.67 @ 163 on 275's
7.51 @ 186 on slicks. 
My thoughts on older cars and classes.
Street- any year and engine that came in car. The new cars are faster than the old bb cars.
Only 302 based cars in extreme and limited street.
Cleveland, Windsor, 302 cars in NA
Modified bb cars have a choice of dot and pa.
I've been racing Moms for several years and love it. I would hate to see it go away due to the declining car count. I am all for allowing all years Mustangs, big block/small block or even a restructure of classes. Properly classed, more cars = tighter racing. Last race I was paired up with a car almost a second faster which I believe neither one of us thought was exciting. Action needs to be taken to keep the racers we have and attract new ones.....just my .02 cents>
Any of you guys that know me, know where I stand on this, but either way I plan to make a return soon after my at least 5 plus year absence.
17 GT PP
70 Mach1
and some other stuff....
Better hurry up Ron, not too many races left this year! Wink Gotta break in that shiny new stang sometime!

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