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Photography for MOMS Racing
Most of you know me but in case you dont, my name is David Hilner, i have been racing and doing photography for 20 years, i do photography on the side since i do not race anymore, i currently freelance for Dragzine Magazine and some other large racing magazines. AL is moving on now and i stepped in for MOMS and the racers to help out, i will be shooting all the MOMS events and will help in other area's as needed.

All pictures will be available for sale, i can do basic prints, framed and matted prints, phone cases, mugs, blankets photo books and so much more, if you ever need anything , please do not hesitate to PM me here or on Facebook, i will also list my contact info below. I will extend discounts to all MOMS racers who want something. 

Going forward, please stop and say hi if we have not meet, i would like to over time get everyone with there car, maybe work on that later. Also, if there is something i am missing or there is something you want to see, please comment and ask away, i am always interested in peoples feedback.

Thank you all for coming and giving us a good show, as always, get the wheels up, it makes for better pictures... Big Grin

[Image: 18740734_1717659601582559_44834462629129...e=59C4FF52]

David Hilner
David Hilner Photography
MOMS Racing
(585) 752-0067
Thanks Dave!
D2049 | 1995 Mustang GT 410W | T56 Magnum | Spray
2017 F-150 STX
Salesman @ Towne Ford
Thank you Dave. Always great shots. Gonna miss Al too.
Doug Vanstrom / P4046
SBF 114mm Turbo
4.67 @ 163 on 275's
7.51 @ 186 on slicks. 

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