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10 sec engine/trans combo NEW PRICE
Hello all,
       I am looking to sell the engine/ transmission setup (basically EVERYTHING in the engine compartment) out of my car to make room for a coyote transplant. details are as follows:

        347 cid, factory block, forged rotating assembly
        Twisted Wedge heads
         Kenne Bell 2.1L Supercharger with Blowzilla/Flowzilla  inlet, 12psi boost 
         Custom methanol injection
         Kenne Bell Boost a pump
         Includes all necessary components including engine wiring harness and pcm

      PA Super Comp  C4 with transbrake 
       ATI  custom built 10" Treemaster "investment" Converter
       Strange Chrome Moly 3" driveshaft with chrome moly yoke

              I am leaving a bunch of stuff out but you get the idea. Combo is still in car and can hear run/drive.  This is a true street/strip car that runs on pump gas (93). I drive it 120 miles round trip to the track.
              ET's in the 1/4 are between 10.6- 10.8. my best run is 10.49 @128mph. Best 1/8 mile ET 6.66 @102.  Price is $5000   which again is going to include 99%
              of everything needed for the swap. If interested  CALLS ONLY   716-510-5163 Mike

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